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Artworks and Attractions

Sai Kung Town
  • Joy Again, Stories: Dashing Through Weather’s Lapse
    onebite, The Moving Atlas
Yim Tin Tsai
  • Island Log
    MADE, Sim Shum
  • The Glazed Island
    Keith Chan, Stephen Ip, Arnold Wong
  • Stone and Shrine Circle
    Match Chen, Wich Chau
  • Water Dragon
    Joseph Chan
  • 🤲
    Dylan Kwok
  • Fragile World
    Anthony Ko
  • The Salty Breeze
    Sherman Sun, Sarah Mui
  • Taste of Memory
    Monti Lai
  • Homeward Voyage
    Margaret Chu
Sharp Island
  • Moonrise in Daylight
    Breakthrough Art Studio
  • Ocean Says
  • A Grand Pineapple Bun Tour
    Maoshan Connie, St. James’ Creation
Kau Sai Chau
  • Weaving Waves Pavillion
    Su Chang, Sherman Lam, Andie Lam
  • Sails
    Inkgo Lam
  • Our Celestial Commons
    The HKU Village Commoning Team
High Island
  • Dear Sea
    Niko Leung
  • Rhythmic LANE
    Napp Studio & Architects, Fragrant Village
  • One-Sixth Land
    Sammy Chow, Ceci Yiu

About Islands

  • Sai Kung Town

  • Yim Tin Tsai

  • Sharp Island

  • Kau Sai Chau

  • High Island