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Artworks Details

Fragile World

Anthony Ko

An unknown globe settles down at the middle junction of Jade-Girdle Bridge, with the matching diameter to the bridge width, the sphere appears to be a perfect fit to the new host. The sphere is long believed by mankind to be a shape of perfection, a representation of reunion, eternal life and infinity of time.

Entitled ‘Fragile World’, one would realise the spheroid is a constitution of numerous mirrored rings angled towards the arrival path, revealing an appearance that almost does not exist, drawing a territory that excavates truth and history through reflections. Three generations of Yim Tin Tsai, the offspring and their future are embarked chronologically into segments of textured reflections to expose hardships that the ancestors encountered and sacrifices of the individual Hakka women to pave way for their beloved ones, bolting into a patchwork of time.

“Fragile World” is a nostalgic fourth layer to the Jade-Girdle Bridge, acknowledging the presence of the past and blessing to the upcoming days. While travellers
enjoy the fruition of current stability, are we responsible to inherit the attitudes learnt from the island to overcome the challenges we may face?

  • Material

    Stainless steel

Artists Introduction

Anthony Ko

Anthony Ko (b. 1992, Sydney, NSW) is a Hong Kong based artist, spatial designer and architect registered in the United Kingdom, primarily works in the form of spatial designs, installations and community projects.

Anthony works in a theoretical approach and creates manifestos to delineate the provocative properties of architecture. He experiments on the topic of place attachment, cultural preservation and environmental psychology.

Anthony obtained his M.Arch from the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL (2017) and BA in architectural studies at The University of Hong Kong (2014). Anthony started his spatial design agency Dilemma to embody meanings into architecture through a multi-disciplinary perspective.