Workshop|Sharp Island

Outdoor Journalling Workshop

  • 26/11 (Sun) 10:15-11:45
    30/12 (Sat) 10:15-11:45

  • Departing from Sai Kung New Public Pier: 09:45
    Participants may also get other kaito tickets from operators at Sai Kung Pier to get to Sharp Island

  • 1.5 hours

  • Sharp Island

  • Christie So

  • Aged 6 or above

  • 12

  • Cantonese

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After immersing yourself in the captivating artworks and vibrant sceneries of Sai Kung Hoi Arts Festival, sit down at the sandy shores of Sharp Island with a notebook and journal about the day. With a medley of doodling, collages, texts, and photos, capture the memorable experience that stirred within. No drawing skills are necessary, and everyone is encouraged to join in.

Collaborator’s Introduction:

Christie So has been using journals to record daily events and is passionate about promoting the journalling culture. Out of her love for stationery, she established her own brand, Happy Journalling. Whether it’s everyday moments or travelling, she expresses herself through writing, drawing, and collaging, documenting her life in journal. Through this process, she organises her thoughts and reflects on life.