Performance|Sharp Island

Joy DanceSing Sunday

  • 8/1 (Sun) 14:30-15:30

  • 1 hour

  • Sharp Island (The open area next to Artwork《Ocean Says》)

  • Luna Is A Bep, Kowloon K & Peggy Ho

  • All ages

  • 100

  • Cantonese

Event Completed
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The event will feature pop music performance by a female singer Luna is a Bep and a pop band Kowloon K; and a dance performance choreographed by Peggy Ho, a modern dancer who is good at interacting with artwork during dance and performed by Peggy Ho, Carlos, Charlene Li, Jacky Cheng and Gladys Li. The Festival wishes to bring the public a more diverse appreciation of the arts, not only through artworks, but also through performing arts. Let’s enjoy music and dance under the sun and beach and have a wonderful afternoon together!

Performers’ Introduction:

Luna Is A Bep

A Hong Kong-based female rapper. Luna started writing rap lyrics and releasing on online platforms in early 2018. Luna writes songs about life and the surroundings and music is not the only goal of her. She wishes to step forward to arouse people to care about what’s happening around the world, and to live their life to the fullest.

Kowloon K

Indie band “Kowloon K” is formed in 2019, and was originally a nameless group. But due to a unexpected gig the group needed a name, and they decided to base the name on the cantonese word 「求其」(pronounced “kaau kay”) which stands for “whatever”, or “spontaneously”. Initially, keyboardist Joshua, Bassist Ho, and Drummer David played renditions of jazz standards, in 2020 Singer-songwriter Charlie Chan and guitarist Justin joined as well. The Five members of Kowloon K do not like to be constrained by boundaries of music genres, and love to incorporate improvisational elements into their music. They are currently experimenting with new possibilities by combining City-Pop and Jazz.

Peggy Ho

Peggy Ho’s dance career began at the age of six with the junior dance programme at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Since she was in secondary school, her dance experience has expanded beyond performance to choreography in Hip Hop, Contemporary and, most notably, Jazz. Upon graduation, Peggy started teaching in various colleges, dance schools, secondary schools and youth centres and has been keen on choreographing. She explored a variety of dances worldwide by visiting different countries and dancing around the world in the past years. In recent years, she has been actively collaborating with different art media, participating and creating multi-media art performances.

This dance performance is choreographed by Peggy and performed by Peggy, Carlos, Charlene Li, Jacky Tsang and Gladys Li. The performers come from different backgrounds and will bring a dance performance that has mixed different cultures for the audience. They wish to show the linkage and interaction among people, the interconnection and touch between human and nature through their dances and bring enjoyable movements besides the sea and the mountains.

Event Highlights