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Yim Tin Tsai
Travelling around Yim Tin Tsai
Hiking Route

There are 8 artworks displayed on Yim Tin Tsai in the Sai Kung Hoi Arts Festival 2023, and there are many attractions on the island. The route includes a hiking section. This route is suitable for first-time visitors to Yim Tin Tsai, allowing you to learn more about Yim Tin Tsai and the artworks in one day.

Suggested Route
  1. From Sai Kung Pier to Yim Tin Tsai Pier (around 20 minutes kaito ride)
  2. Visit the artworks "Homeward Voyage" and "Stone and Shrine Circle" near the pier (15 minutes)
  3. Visit St. Joseph's Chapel and Heritage Exhibition Centre* (20 minutes)
  4. Visit the saltpans* (20 minutes)
  5. Visit the artwork "The Salty Breeze" next to the saltpans (5 minutes)
  6. Head to Jade-Girdle Bridge to view the artwork "Fragile World" (20 minutes)
  7. Visit the artwork "🤲" (10 minutes)
  8. Visit the artwork "Water Dragon" and "Island Log" (15 minutes)
  9. Visit the artwork "The Glazed Island" (10 minutes)
  10. Visit the cafe to taste Hakka tea cakes (20 minutes)
  11. Visit the exhibition hall (15 minutes)
  12. Return to Sai Kung (around 20 minutes kaito ride)

Time required: around 7 hours


– Stairway up/down at part of the road in Yim Tin Tsai
– * Visitors who take the Arts Festival island hopping kaito or the kaito operated by The Salt and Light Preservation Centre to Yim Tin Tsai may visit the Heritage Exhibition Hall and saltpans for free; visitors who take other kaitos to Yim Tin Tsai will need to pay for entry fee for each spot
– The above is only a suggested route, visitors can adjust the itinerary according to their own ability or needs

Hiking to the Twin Pavilions for a panoramic view of Yim Tin Tsai.

Suggested Route
  1. Walk up the ramp next to the artwork "🤲" to the round pavilion
  2. Continue up the ramp from the small round pavilion to the Twin Pavilions, the highest point in Yim Tin Tsai.

Time required: around 20 minutes


– The above is only a suggested route, visitors can adjust the itinerary according to their own ability or needs

Transportation Guides

Visitors can take public transportation to Sai Kung town centre. The following routes are for reference only. Please contact the bus/minibus companies for more details.
For more public transport information, please visit the Transport Department website.

Green Minibus
Red Minibus
  • 92
  • 99
  • 299X
  • 792M
Green Minibus
  • 101M
  • 1M
  • 1A
Red Minibus
  • Mong Kok (Gala Place) <-> Sai Kung Pier

Please choose a route:

Apart from the Island Hopping kaito Experience, visitors may buy other kaito tickets to get to Yim Tin Tsai at Sai Kung pier. Please note that the kaito services provided by other service providers might not offer island hopping arrangements. Visitors should check with individual kaito operators for more details.

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