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Join the Artists – Co-creation Workshop

  • Cantonese

  • Free

  • 12-15 participants

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Everyone can be an artist! Have you ever dreamt that your hand-made artwork would be displayed in an arts festival? Here comes the opportunity!

Breakthrough Art Studio will create a set of large-scale bamboo and rattan sculpture to be displayed on Sharp Island during the Sai Kung Hoi Arts Festival. The artist has prepared an artwork co-creation workshop and calling for public participation in the bamboo and rattan weaving process. In the workshop, the artist will brief the participants about bamboo and rattan weaving from basic to advanced and co-create the bamboo and rattan sculpture with the participants.


Artwork Design Concept:

In the journey of Sharp Island, the travellers wait to see the ebb and flow. They step on the rocks on the sandbank; and interact with the nature rhythm and aeriform time.

When they are travelling the island, different shapes of the moon in the art installation are revealed from different viewing angles. From the shape of the crescent moon to the full moon, they are a metaphor of tidal ebb. Surrounding the moon, there are 12 various sizes of spheres to imitate ancient sundials and Chinese sexagenary cycle; to prove the time by nature.

Nature gives hints. Be in the right place, at the right time, though life is full of uncertainty. The path to the full moon will be there.

Let nature take its course.


About Breakthrough Art Studio:

Cecilia Lai and Barnard Chan co-founded Breakthrough Art Studio. Over the years, they have visited different villages in South East Asia to study various ancient weaving techniques. The two of them deliver their endeavours to the public in various ways.


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