Workshop|Sharp Island

Join the Artists: A Grand Pineapple Bun Tour

  • 09/12 (Sat) 14:15-16:15

  • Departing from Sai Kung New Public Pier: 13:45/
    Departing from Yim Tin Tsai Pier: 13:35
    Participants may also get other kaito tickets from operators at Sai Kung Pier to get to Sharp Island

  • 2 hours

  • Sharp Island

  • Maoshan Connie, St. James’ Creation

  • All ages

  • 15

  • Cantonese

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We believe that every piece of sand, leaves and rock we encounter on the Island tells a story of the land we dwell on.

Our artwork was also inspired by this very concept.

During this workshop, you are going to join the artists for a walk in the hills, listen to the stories of some of the ceramics pieces placed along the trail, and hopefully pick up some inspiration and create your own piece of Sharp Island mini-soil clay sculpture too.

Participants will join the artist in participatory mapping, and have a feel of the ceramics soil we used to create the pieces for this Festival.

Note: Participants will hike the Sharp Island Country Trail with the artists. Please register according to your physical strength.

Click here to learn more about the artists and their artwork.