Special Tour|Kau Sai Chau

Weed Discovering Channel

  • 26/11 (Sun) 14:30-16:00
    03/12 (Sun) 14:30-16:00
    23/12 (Sat) 14:30-16:00
    06/01 (Sat) 14:30-16:00

  • Departing from Sai Kung Public Pier: 11:30/
    Departing from Leung Shuen Wan Pier: 12:30

  • 1.5 hours

  • Kau Sai Chau

  • Stony Ng

  • All ages

  • 20

  • Cantonese

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Strolling around the hillside, a green lush is seen from a distance. It becomes unknown weeds when you take a closer look. Although they cannot be named, they seem familiar growing in the cities’ cracks. Are they counterparts of multiflora roses and mimosa? Participants will be led to explore Kau Sai Village and the herbal plant trail to discover the mystery of weeds.

Collaborator’s Introduction:

Ecotourism is Stony’s hobby and career at the same time. He likes nature and plants in particular. Beyond their seemingly simple existence, plants have interesting stories that can move you deeply. Animals and insects travelling in nature give us opportunities to understand their symbiotic relationship with the environment. Join us for this exciting journey!