Workshop|High Island

The Life Aquatic – Underwater Filming 101

  • 06/01 (Sat) 10:15-11:45

  • Departing from Sai Kung Public Pier: 09:00 (the only suitable kaito)

  • 1.5 hours

  • High Island

  • Project CROW

  • Age 16 or above

  • 20

  • Cantonese

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Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the water at the stream or the mangrove? In this workshop, we’ll walk along the coastline and try out simple hacks for nature filming – with your own mobile phone!


  • You may need to stand in shallow waters. It is best if you wear sandals that cover your toes
  • You are welcome to bring a waterproof camera. If you don’t have one, an ordinary phone will do
  • Filming with your phone exhausts the power quickly – it’ll be helpful to bring a power-bank
  • For the sake of participants’ safety, the tutor will adjust the workshop activities according to the weather conditions

Collaborator’s Introduction:

Founded in 2018, Project CROW is an initiative to bring people closer to nature by means of art and interactive experiences.