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Nature Trail of Reconciliation

  • 19/11 (Sat), 20/11 (Sun), 25/12 (Sun)

  • 2 hours

  • Yim Tin Tsai

  • The Salt & Light Preservation Centre

  • All ages

  • 20

  • Cantonese

Event Completed
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The theme of “Nature Trail of Reconciliation” is “Listening”. Through appreciating the natural environment of Yim Tin Tsai and listening to her pure voice, the participants will be able to penetrate the layers of distracting thoughts, resonate and reverberate in their hearts. The experience will enable them to feel the true, good and beautiful love of the Creator again. Learn about the history of evangelism in Yim Tin Tsai and experience the beautiful footsteps of the evangelists. The programme is designed to reflect on one’s own situation and life of faith, to reconcile with people, with nature and with God, to promote renewal and to build a deep relationship of harmony and communion.

Collaborator’s Introduction:

Founded in 2011, the Salt & Light Preservation Centre is a charitable institution. It is responsible for preserving and promoting the culture and ecology of Yim Tin Tsai. 

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