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War on Sharp Island

  • 4/12 (Sun), 16/12 (Fri), 25/12 (Sun), 13/1 (Fri)

  • 2 hours

  • Sharp Island


  • Aged 16 or above

  • 20

  • Cantonese

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Live Action Role-Playing Game

When you open your eyes, amazement sweeps over you in a moment – you are on a deserted island. The sun is burning, the sky is clear, the valleys are rolling, the trees are shady. Everything is so quiet and beautiful, but the pain in your head reminds you not to let your guard down, as there is always danger on this strange island. You have to work with the “strangers” who have also been stranded here to find a chance to escape. You endure the pain and together you remember and sort out what happened before.

Recently, artworks have been stolen from the city, but the police have not been able to find the suspects. Until now, the mysterious man known to the community as the ‘Phantom Thief’ is still at large and continues his theft. Artists and wealthy men are worried that their belongings will become the next target of the ‘Phantom Thief’, and a strong sense of apprehension spreads through the community. In order to apprehend the thief and recover the stolen artworks as soon as possible, the government announces those help in recovering the artworks will get pay heavily. The search for the artwork is suddenly on and everyone wants to get their hands on the money and live a carefree life. Then, in the midst of your search, you suddenly smell something like roses, and afterwards you feel a wave of dizziness and weakness and then lose consciousness.

When you wake up again, you are already here. You begin to wonder how you are going to escape from this place. What conspiracy is hidden here? Why is everyone being abducted during the investigation of the missing artwork? Your sense of crisis makes you feel that you can’t escape easily, because everything is so unusual that you even begin to suspect that a traitor is around you, watching your every move for some unknown purposes…

If there is only one chance to escape, what will be the decisions for you and the others? Suddenly, a man claiming to be the owner of the island appears, not sure what his intentions are, he claims to be an art collector and can help you leave, but at a price. Is there still trust between people? Is it a matter of mission or a matter of life? A tense and exciting story of escape from a deserted island begins!

Collaborator’s Introduction:

This event is the live version of the LARP game where players (participants) take on different characters, play out their roles, and use their brains to reason the mystery, and complete the task to get rewards. Players need to cooperate with teammates or others to obtain more intelligence and clues to complete the goal. Competitors may also act against themselves, and even lie and deceive.

LARP means Live-Action Role-Playing, usually with a story, character script, mission, goals, or deduction, mystery, murders, etc. as a life role-playing experience. Players can interact with other people in the story, talk to them, trade with them, or even cheat or lie to them. The LARP game focuses more on characterisation, storytelling, and deduction of mysteries, with more texts to be read so that players can get more involved in the game!

Players will be immersed in the story world of the time, experiencing different activities and events, atmospheres, conflicts.

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