Experience|Sai Kung Town,Sharp Island

Kids’ Adventure in Sai Kung Hoi

  • 19/11 (Sun) 10:00-13:00
    25/11 (Sat) 10:00-13:00
    25/12 (Mon) 10:00-13:00
    26/12 (Tue) 10:00-13:00

  • 3 hours

  • Sai Kung Town & Sharp Island

  • ohmykids

  • Aged 5 to 12 children
    2 to 3 kids with parents in a group

  • 25 quotas for kids

  • Cantonese

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*Registration Information

For the first time, the ‘mini tour guides’ will lead their parents to the Sai Kung Hoi for some great fun. Island hopping from Sai Kung Pier to Sharp Island, they will face secret mission challenges while visiting different artworks! Souvenir packs* for our mini tour guides will be ready for sure!

Activity content

🌟 Find checkpoints within a time limit, problem solving and navigating
🌟 Accomplish missions on the App, gain points and rankings to boost motivation and satisfaction
🌟 Diversity in missions including photo-taking, answering questions, doing actions – indicate children’s adaptiveness and courage!
🌟 ‘Parent silent mode sticker’ for children to learn and discover their talents through different challenges
🌟 Cultivate children’s problem solving skills and self-confidence. We trust that you can do it!

Format: On site visits to the community in groups, real-time mission completion will be submitted through Goodmates App. Parents please download the Goodmates App in advance.

*”Mini tour guide souvenir packs” include: ‘Trust me’ T-shirt (Please fill in the size during registration), ‘Follow Me’ flags for tour guides, ‘Kids’ Adventure in Sai Kung Hoi’ map, Mission card, ‘Help me’ card, Game walkthrough for parents and ‘Parents silent mode’ sticker, one each per pack

Collaborator’s Introduction:

Inspire and Empower kids to make changes in society #trustmykids

ohmykids is a leading kids and family brand in Hong Kong thriving to inspire and empower kids to make changes in society. We promote this “trustmykids” movement through our passion in #相信孩子 #創意 and #美學. We create and curate experiential projects that are truly unique and engaging, from the popular role play, kids’ pop-up markets, to jazz concert for kids. Our creative ideas can be found both online and offline in big shopping malls or just around your neighbourhood.

ohmykids is started by 3 dreamers who trust in kids and want to show the world kids can make an impact too. We started from a small team running summer programs to a bigger team running kids empowered campaigns all year round.