Kau Sai Chau artwork “Sails” has been temporarily removed to facilitate the Hung Shing Festival events.

Programmes|Yim Tin Tsai

Join the Artists: Memories Submerged

  • 8/1 (Sun) 11:00-12:30

  • 1.5 hours

  • Yim Tin Tsai (Artwork《Taste of Memory》)

  • Monti Lai

  • All ages

  • 12

  • Cantonese

Event Completed
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Sea water would be vaporised to form salt crystals. Memory in our brain is formed in a similar way as how the salts are formed, which would go through precipitation and accumulation. Participants will be invited to use text or graphic to mark down their memories using the sea water from Yim Tin Tsai. The salt and the memory will be merged at the right moment and idea condition.

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