Kau Sai Chau artwork “Sails” has been temporarily removed to facilitate the Hung Shing Festival events.

Programmes|Sharp Island

Family Treasure Hunting

  • 27/11 (Sun), 3/12 (Sat), 26/12 (Mon), 27/12 (Tue)

  • 2 hours

  • Sharp Island


  • Age 5-15 (Each child must be accompanied by a parent to participate in the activity)

  • 20

  • Cantonese

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Live Action Role-Playing Game

Little Detectives, Big Adventures!

Detective Sherlock Holmes has invited all the brightest children to pass on his deductive skills to those who have the talent, in order to increase the number of reliable detectives in the world. All these talented children will arrive at Sharp Island to complete the treasure hunt challenge that Sherlock Holmes had set for them. Only those children who do not give up and are able to use their intelligence to complete all the tasks and find all the treasures will become the “young detectives” recognised by Sherlock Holmes. He has also prepared a mystery prize for the children who complete the task, so he is looking forward to seeing how they perform.

Parents and children are welcome to join this programme.

Collaborator’s Introduction:

This event is the live version of the LARP game where players (participants) take on different characters, play out their roles, and use their brains to reason the mystery, and complete the task to get rewards. Players need to cooperate with teammates or others to obtain more intelligence and clues to complete the goal. Competitors may also act against themselves, and even lie and deceive.

LARP means Live-Action Role-Playing, usually with a story, character script, mission, goals, or deduction, mystery, murders, etc. as a life role-playing experience. Players can interact with other people in the story, talk to them, trade with them, or even cheat or lie to them. The LARP game focuses more on characterisation, storytelling, and deduction of mysteries, with more texts to be read so that players can get more involved in the game!

Players will be immersed in the story world of the time, experiencing different activities and events, atmospheres, conflicts.

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