Kau Sai Chau artwork “Sails” has been temporarily removed to facilitate the Hung Shing Festival events.

Experience|Kau Sai Chau

Dyeing Workshop

  • 18/11 (Sat) 10:30-12:30
    10/12 (Sun) 10:30-12:30

  • Departing from Sai Kung Public Pier: 09:30 (the only suitable kaito)

  • 2 hours

  • Kau Sai Chau

  • Villagers at Kau Sai Village

  • All ages

  • 15

  • Cantonese

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*Registration Information

The villagers of Kau Sai Village use the dye yam to dye their cloth. Participants will need to bring along their old clothes to experience using the traditional method to dye their cloth with unique colours in Kau Sai Village.

Note: Participants will have the opportunity to come into contact with dyes during the workshop. Gloves will be provided for those who need them, and those who are sensitive to dyes are advised to enrol at their own discretion. Participants are advised to bring along replacement clothes as there is a chance that the clothes they wear will be stained during the workshop.